Living Wilderness Nature Photography by Kevin Ebi

Nature photography by Kevin Ebi

Dramatic nature photography that captures a Living Wilderness

Nature photographer Kevin Ebi with some of his images in the Wilderness at 50 exhibition at the Crary Art Gallery
Kevin Ebi Photographing in the Pacific Ocean
U.S. Postal Service Commemorative Haleakala National Park Stamp image to honor the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

About Nature Photographer Kevin Ebi

Kevin Ebi fell in love with nature early in life; it took many more years for him to discover his passion for photography. Growing up, Kevin went on many outings with his parents to Pacific Northwest national parks, particularly Mount Rainier and Olympic in Washington state. As an adult, he began carrying a camera on hikes so he could show others what he saw, but over time discovered that the patience and keen observation photography required helped him appreciate nature even more.


His images are used regularly by major calendar and greeting card lines, and by a wide range of publishers including National Geographic, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, BBC Earth, Lonely Planet and Moon travel guides, and Outdoor Photographer. His image of Halaeakala National Park was featured on commemorative U.S. postage Forever stamp to honor the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Two of his images are printed mural-size in the Mount Rainier National Park visitor center at Sunrise. The National Geographic Society has used his images to promote tourism in the Central Cascades. A major automobile manufacturer also used one of his images in a campaign.


He has authored or co-authored four photography books, including Year of the Eagle, which shows how eagles learn to fly and start families of their own; Running in Circles, which demonstrates the life cycle of water through art images; and Living Wilderness, a comprehensive compilation of his art images. He lives near Seattle, Wash., and has photographed more than half of the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Iceland, and New Zealand.



Artist Statement - Are the Images Real?

I strive to create images that demonstrate a “living wilderness” – images that show nature is alive and constantly changing.


I’m especially drawn to scenes that because of fleeting light or dramatic weather are changing as I photograph them. But I also use careful composition and vivid lighting to make more static scenes come alive.


While most of my images are now captured digitally, my aim is to spend far more time in the wilderness than I do in front of a computer. I use software to make minor adjustments so that my images show what it felt like to be there.


But if I travel somewhere and don't capture the image I want, I keep going back until I do.

Great Sand Dunes image by Nature Photographer Kevin Ebi on cover of Moon Guide to Colorado
Grand Canyon image by nature photographer Kevin Ebi on cover of UK Independent Traveller
Mural-sized photograph by nature photographer Kevin Ebi at Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
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